Slickrock Desert

Journeys of Discovery in an Endangered American Wilderness

Stephen W. Hinch

The Slickrock Desert is the story of a land unlike any other on earth. Come with author Stephen W. Hinch as he explores the mesas and the canyons of the Four Corners Region of the American Southwest—the Slickrock Desert. Along the way you will discover its history, natural history, geology, ecology, and what we know of its earliest inhabitants. And you will revel in its beauty in over 50 inspiring photographs. But all is not well in this magnificent land. You will also learn of the threats from those who would destroy it forever for short-term gain, and of the work being done by dedicated individuals and groups to protect it. It is a story every lover of the American wilderness needs to know.

280 pages, 6 x 9, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9661999-0-1

Atenera Press

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