HOPS Press

Our culture teaches us that we are separate from nature. We spend our lives in houses surrounded by manicured lawns, living in towns or cities where recreational activities are based on human-centered sports. Nature is something we go to a park to see, or we watch a show about it on TV.

Those of us in the field of environmental education preach a different message, telling people that "all life is interconnected" and "we really are part of nature." But in the next breath we tell them to stay on the trails and to practice "no-trace" camping. We tell them to look at nature and photograph it, but not to touch it. We tell them our modern way of life is destroying nature, and that we need to stop mucking up the planet. We tell them we are part of nature--the bad part!

At HOPS Press, LLC we advocate a positive interactive relationship with the natural world. We want people to get involved in nature, to be a part of the process on many levels: