Roadside History of Texas

Leon Metz

Anyone from the Lone Star state will tell you--probably unasked--the United States is composed of TEXAS and a jumble of satellite lands of no particular distinction.
Leon Metz, a proud TEXAN (by way of West Virginia) has brought together a book which certainly will be applauded by his co-staters--as well as one which would be most interesting to us outsiders looking in.
Metz, known by his peers as a meticulous researcher, has done a monumental job of fact assembly to fill this fast-paced volume. He begins with highlight "Facts About Texas"--geography, highway system, chronology. Comes next a 24-page history of the state, with the conclusion, 'Unearthing that (Texas) past and enriching your present is the purpose of this book. So get behind the wheel and let's drive.'
He has divided the state into eight regions; each section is preceded with a review of the geology of the area to be reviewed, its flora and fauna, and targeted history. Then comes concise reports on the region's cities, towns and hamlets.With no wasted words the history of each is mentioned, the derivation of its name in most cases, sights to see, places to visit.
"The author certainly has had his eyes on Texas."
--Wallace E. Clayton, The Tombstone Epitaph

464 pages, 6 x 9, paper
Item 261, ISBN 978-0-87842-294-4

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