Glacier National Park

An ABC Adventure

KC Glastetter and Jeremie Hollman

There is a place where the grizzly bear is still king, mountain goats live among craggy peaks, and glaciers dominate the horizon. It is a place where snow falls in summer, water seeps from rock, and you can see icebergs on your way to the sun. What is the name of this magical place? It’s called Glacier National Park, the Crown Jewel of the Continent.
In Glacier National Park: An ABC Adventure, nature photographers KC Glastetter and Jeremie Hollman take readers on a letter-by-letter journey through one of our nation’s treasures. Look up the letter C and learn about cedars so big you can fit inside their trunks. Move on to P and find pika, a furry little rabbit cousin that lives on bare, rocky slopes high in the mountains. Flip back to G and take a trip along Going-to-the-Sun Road, one of the most breathtaking drives on earth. With stunning color photographs and lively text, Glacier National Park: An ABC Adventure is perfect for anyone fascinated by this wild and rugged land.

64 pages, 9 x 6.75, paperback
Item 349, ISBN 978-0-87842-552-5
Ages 5 and Up
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