Death Valley Rocks!

Amazing Geologic Sites in America's Hottest National Park

Marli B. Miller

Whether you’re a rockhound, a seasoned geologist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world, Death Valley Rocks! is your key to unlocking the mysteries of Death Valley National Park, one of the most enigmatic places on the planet. Part of the acclaimed Geology Rocks! series, this guidebook presents forty sites that testify to the awe-inspiring power of Earth’s geological processes and lengthy history. Recent volcanic eruptions, shifting tectonic plates, and the sculpting power of water and wind combined to form Death Valley in the last few million years, but tucked away in nearby mountain ranges are some of the oldest rocks in the West. The featured sites, each carefully selected for their geologic impact, are accessible by vehicle except for parts of Monarch Canyon as well as Telescope Peak, which can be seen from just about everywhere because it towers more than 2 miles above the shimmering salt flats on the valley floor, the lowest point in North America. From the folded marble in Mosaic Canyon to the colorful rocks at Artists Palette, each site is presented with stunning photography, insightful commentary, and directions for visitors, making this book an indispensable resource for both armchair geologists and adventurous explorers alike.

144 pages, paperback, 9 x 8.375
160 color photographs, 45 color illustrations and maps, glossary, index
ISBN 978-0-87842-718-5

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