A Sequel to Double Eagle

Sneed B. Collard III

A coin.
A friendship.
A fast car.
And a girl with a secret.
Author Sneed B. Collard III puts them together to create the heart-pounding sequel to Double Eagle.

Two summers after Mike and Kyle uncovered a pair of priceless $20 gold pieces in a Civil War fort in Alabama, Mike is astounded to find Kyle show up on his doorstep in a souped-up 1957 Bel Air. Mike hasn’t heard from his friend in two years, but when Kyle invites him to ride up to Birmingham to see Kyle’s sister Annie, Mike doesn’t hesitate. What Mike doesn’t realize is that Kyle isn’t going to see his sister. He is going to rescue her. For Kyle and Annie to escape somewhere safe, however, they’re going to need cash and lots of it. When Mike tells them of a mysterious silver dollar that could be worth a fortune, it launches the trio on a cross-country thrill ride and a new coin quest—a quest that just could save Kyle’s and Annie’s lives.


265 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, hardcover

ISBN 978-0-944439-61-6

Bucking Horse Books




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