Daughters of Two Nations

Peggy Caravantes

Illustrated by Carolyn Dee Flores

In Daughters of Two Nations, Peggy Caravantes tells the life stories of nine Native American women who brought change and unity to two cultures historically at odds. These short but well-researched biographies describe the hardships and triumphs of each of these courageous women as they spoke up, spoke out, and fought their way into history.
The stories in this book span centuries, from Mary Musgrove, who used her bilingual skills to help settle the future state of Georgia in the 1700s, to Wilma Mankiller, whose education and leadership ability helped her overcome her tribe’s prejudice against women to become the first female Cherokee chief in 1985. In between are tales of dancers, teachers, storytellers, and activists who made a difference in the world—or, more precisely, in two worlds.
Perfect for school or home, Daughters of Two Nations is both a valuable historical resource and an entertaining read for young and old, complete with stunning full-color illustrations by Carolyn Dee Flores.

144 pages, 6 x 9, paperback
Item 509, ISBN 978-0-87842-610-2

For Young Adults

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