Bold Women in Michigan History

Virgnina Law Burns

It takes people of all kinds to shape a place. Abolitionists. Trade unionists. Artists. Scientists. Soldiers. Explorers. Traders. Crusaders. Senators. Designers. Michigan had all of these–and all of them, in this book at least, were women.
Written for young adults, Bold Women in Michigan History tells the stories of thirteen extraordinary women. Long before the existence of high-tech weatherproof gear, Madame de Cadillac paddled a canoe across two great lakes to help her husband found Detroit. Magdelaine LaFramboise grew rich as a fur trader. Disguised as a man, Emma Edmonds fought for two years in the Civil War. Lucy Thurman, Waunetta Dominic, and Delia Villegas Vorhauer fought other battles–for rights and social justice for their families and communities. Myra Wolfgang, the “Battling Belle of Detroit,” picketed and struck. Sippie Wallace sang–and lived–the blues. And Pearl Kendrick and Grace Eldering labored over a vaccine that would save millions of lives. The DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus) shot is still used today.
Perfect for school, recreational reading, and the history shelf, Bold Women in Michigan History is a resource for kids and adults who like good stories about real people who made a difference.


156 pages, 6 x 9, paperback
Item 607, ISBN 0-87842-525-X

For Young Adults



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