Trails of the Sawtooth and Boulder-White Cloud Mountains

Margaret Fuller

A few miles north of Sun Valley, Idaho, the Sawtooth Mountains rise thousands of feet above the headwaters of the Salmon River, like saws set on edge. To the east of the Sawtooths above wrinkled, wooded foothills the Cecil d. Andrus White Clouds Wilderness mountains soar in summits of vanilla ice cream. 

Closer to Sun Valley, along the Big Wood River, swirl the pink and gray stripes of the Boulder Mountains. All three ranges are within the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. This book is a comprehensive guide to that area. Trailheads included in the Sawtooths are at and near Alturas, Pettit, Redfish and Stanley Lakes, and Grandjean, Graham and Atlanta. In the Cecil d. Andrus White Clouds Wilderness, trails covered begin at Pole Creek, Fourth of July Creek, Fisher Creek, Rough Creek, Slate Creek and along the East Fork of the Salmon River. In the Cecil d Andrus White Clouds, some of the trailheads covered are the North Fork of the Big Wood River, Gladiator Creek, Three Cabins Creek and the Bowery Guard Station. In the Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness some of the trailheads covered are Herd Lake, Bowery Creek, Sage Creek, Toolbox Creek, and Hunter Creek Summit.

342 pages, paperback, 8.5 x 5.5
ISBN 978-0-9911561-2-2

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