Nature's Yucky in the Sea

Gross Stuff that Helps Ocean Animals Survive

Lee Ann Landstrom and Karen I. Shragg

Illustrated by Rachel Rogge

Nature’s Yucky in the Sea highlights creepy behaviors and disgusting facts about sixteen creatures of the ocean, including lightning whelks, sharknose gobies, and donkey dung sea cucumbers. Each beautifully illustrated page will invite you into the watery world where few ever get to go, demonstrating that even the grossest of animals will stun you with the elegance of where they live.  Younger children will love having the book read aloud to them with its alliteration and repeating refrain, while older children and adults will appreciate the in-depth information contained in the Fun Facts section. The most yucky information in the book, however, is the discussion about plastic in the world’s oceans and its effect on sea turtles, dolphins and other creatures. Readers of the Nature’s Yucky series will revel in the disgusting slime of the Pacific hagfish and then go on to save the planet.

48 pages, paperback, 9 x 8.375
ISBN 978-0-87842-710-9

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