Nature's Yucky!

Gross Stuff That Helps Nature Work

Lee Ann Landstrom and Karen I. Shragg

Did you know that honey is really bee barf? That grizzly bears sometimes eat rotting meat? Or that turkey vultures poop on their own feet? Nature's Yucky uses kids' natural fascination with the stinky, the gross, and the icky to help them learn more about wild animals and why critters behave as they do.

Younger children will love having the book read to them, while older children and adults will also enjoy the "Animal Facts" section in the back, which has more in-depth information on the featured animals. Kids of all ages will get a kick out of learning to identify the droppings of various animals by making (and eating!) "scat cookies." Lovely watercolor illustrations balance out the "yuckiness," reminding us that nature is not just disgusting, but beautiful, too.

For Ages 5 and Up
48 pages, 8.375 x 9, paper
Item 338, ISBN 978-0-87842-474-0

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