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The Untold Story of Lindbergh's 1927-1928 Good Will Tours

The Daniel Guggenheim Fund never did a finer thing for civil aviation and air travel than when it arranged and financed Charles A. Lindbergh's 1927-1928 Latin American and U.S. tours. The tours were a remarkable demonstration of the efficiency, dependability, and safety of airplanes which were to break through the longtime public apathy and awaken he public, politicians, and business persons to the possibility of air travel. 

These unique tours won more converts to the gospel of commercial aviation than any other single event in its history. Lindbergh's flight tactics followed those of the old barnstormers, but none of those gypsy aviators ever dreamed of the vast crowds that he would draw wherever he landed.

Lindbergh and the tour personnel were given such a welcome by the people of this country as had seldom been showered upon a private citizen. Hundreds of towns and cities across the nation requested a visit from Lindbergh. Scores of schoolchildren signed petitions for him to visit their schools. State governors, powerful politicians, and other government officials and business-men requested his presence. 

Author Ev Cassagneres collaborated with Charles Lindbergh to accurately detail and document the history of the world-famous airplane in his earlier work, The Untold Story of the Spirit of St. Louis.  Casagneres was inspired to bring to light the little-known subsequent adventures of this team of man and machine.

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