Weird Rocks

Michele Corriel
Illustrated by Dan Bilyeu

We think of them as ordinary objects, but rocks can do amazing things: there are rocks that glow and rocks that travel through space, rocks that float and rocks that burn. These are only some of the surprises in Weird Rocks, a must-have guide for young rock hounds. Author Michele Corriel introduces readers to sixteen unusual rocks and explains the science behind what each one does and how it does it. Youngsters will discover what makes one kind of rock smell like a rotten egg, what rock acts like a magnet, and what rock contains hidden treasure. High-quality photographs, colorful paintings, and hilarious cartoons add visual delight to this entertaining and informative book.

For Ages 6 and Up
36 pages 9 x 8.375, hardcover
Item 360, ISBN 978-0-87842-597-6

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