Hopping Ahead of Climate Change

Snowshoe Hares, Science, and Survival

Sneed B. Collard III

A snowshoe hare nibbles on spruce and fir buds high in a Rocky Mountain forest. The hare isn’t overly worried about predators because its white fur blends in perfectly with snow. There’s only one problem. This year, there isn’t any snow. As the hare forages, a great horned owl notices. The result? A disaster for the hare—one that is happening more and more frequently across its range.
Hopping Ahead of Climate Change describes one of the most intriguing and important studies of our time—the work of biologist Scott Mills, who is trying to answer the critical question: Can animals that change their coat colors with the seasons survive shorter winters caused by climate change? Working with an international team of colleagues and students, Professor Mills has been conducting a range of studies that explore the impacts of a hotter world on animals. In Hopping Ahead of Climate Change, readers learn how Professor Mills studies snowshoe hares, which questions he seeks to answer, and most importantly, what he has discovered. The results are both fascinating and surprising—and have vital implications for the future of our planet.

64 pages, 8.5 x 11, hardcover
Item 1538, ISBN 978-0-9844460-8-7
For ages 10 to 16

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