Bold Women in Indiana History

Louise Hillery

From Marie Bailly, the first settler in northwest Indiana, to the high-flying Margaret Ray Ringenberg, and from Mother Théodore Guérin, a Catholic nun who was later canonized as a saint, to Vivian Carter, founder of a popular Gary record label, the women portrayed in Bold Women in Indiana History broke down barriers of sexism, racism, and political opposition to emerge as heroines of their time.

The women portrayed in Bold Women in Indiana History are:

  • Tacumwah, Cates, and Kilsoquah of the Miami Tribe
  • Marie Bailly
  • Mother Theodore Guerin
  • Sarah Bolton
  • Zerelda Wallace
  • Lillian Thomas Fox
  • Gene Stratton-Porter
  • The Overbeck Sisters
  • Madam C.J. Walker
  • Dorothy Buell
  • Vivian Carter
  • Margaret Ray Ringenberg

Perfect for school or home, this collection of short but informative biographies is both a valuable resource and an entertaining read. The fifth title in Mountain Press’s state-by-state Bold Women series for teen readers, this engaging book shows what Hoosier women can do when they dare to be bold!


220 pages, 6 s 9, paperback
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