Geology Underfoot in Death Valley and Eastern California

Second Edition

Allen F. Glazner, Arthur Gibbs Sylvester, and Robert P. Sharp
Illustrated by Chelsea M. Feeney

Eastern California—a geologically dramatic region with the ever-present risk of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, flash floods, and sand storms—boasts spectacular and easily viewed rocks and landforms. Authors Allen Glazner and Art Sylvester build on coauthor Bob Sharp’s insights to produce this full-color illustrated guide to 33 amazing geologic sites in Death Valley and the surrounding region. Learn how stones slide across the Racetrack playa, find the rocks missing from Dantes View, and visit the rim of the Long Valley caldera, an enormous depression left by a supervolcano eruption far larger than any that has occurred since the dawn of civilization.

List of Vignettes

  • Badwater
  • Devils Golf Course and the Badwater Salt Flats
  • Natural Bridge Canyon
  • Ventifact Ridge
  • Artists Drive
  • Zabriskie Point, Gower Gulch, and Golden Canyon
  • Dantes View
  • Lake Manly
  • Mesquite Dunes
  • Mosaic Canyon
  • Salt Creek
  • Titus Canyon
  • Ubehebe Crater
  • The Racetrack
  • Rainbow Canyon and Father Crowley Vista Point
  • The Mojave River
  • Trona Pinnacles of Searles Lake
  • Fossil Falls
  • Ancient Lake Tecopa
  • The Resting Spring Pass Tuff
  • Alabama Hills
  • Lone Pine Fault and the 1872 Earthquake
  • Big Pine Volcanic Field
  • Poleta Folds
  • Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
  • Buttermilk Boulders
  • Owens River Gorge
  • Hilton Creek Fault at McGee Canyon
  • Hot Creek Geological Site
  • Mammoth Mountain and Long Valley Caldera
  • Devils Postpile
  • Obsidian Dome, Inyo Craters, and the Earthquake Fault
  • Mono Craters from Punch Bowl to Panum

ISBN 978-0-87842-707-9
328 pages, paperback, 6 x 9


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