What's So Hot About Volcanoes?

Wendell Duffield
Illustrated by Bronze Black

Don’t wait for a trip to the thermal pools of Iceland or the black beaches of Hawaii to discover what’s so hot about volcanoes. Warm up with a copy of What’s So Hot About Volcanoes. Lively discussions introduce readers of all ages to the creative power of volcanoes, explaining the reasons behind where they form, what they look like, and when they explode. Think of a volcano as the safety valve on a pressure cooker, author Wendell Duffield tells readers. The inside of Earth reaches a blistering 9,000 to 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and volcanoes simply release some of that pent-up heat from time to time. Some volcanoes erupt so gently that observers can stand nearby while others erupt so violently that they destroy themselves, as well as everything within reach of their hot gases, lava, and ash. Sections explore the challenges of predicting eruptions, what happens when magma mixes with water, and how people are using volcanic heat for energy. An appendix lists all the volcanoes in the United States that are still young enough to look like volcanoes.

96 pages, 8.375 x 9, paper
Item 363, ISBN 9780-087842-574-7

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