Raptors of the West

Captured in Photographs

Kate Davis

Photographs by Rob Palmer, Nick Dunlop, and Kate Davis

Fierce, bold, and beautiful, Raptors epitomize the American West. From spectacular Bald Eagles to tiny Elf Owls, raptors awe us. In Raptors of the West: Captured in Photographs, renowned raptor advocate and environmental educator Kate Davis and award-winning photographers Rob Palmer and Nick Dunlop open a window into the lives of these spectacular birds of prey. These three photographers have devoted incredible amounts of time to capture some of the most breathtaking images of raptors imaginable.
Unlike other bird books, Raptors of the West: Captured in Photographs arranges the birds by habitat type and region where each bird spends the breeding season. Mostly, though, this book is about the photographs—more than 400 of them. From the dramatic cover image of two eagles tussling, to the comical photo of two Burrowing Owl siblings playing, to the amazing shot of a Peregrine Falcon attacking a huge cloud of starlings, bird lovers will swoon. This is a remarkable book.

224 pages 10 x 9.625, paperback
Item 356, ISBN 978-0-87842-575-4

Winner of National Outdoor Book Award
Winner of Montana Book Award

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