Packin' in on Mules & Horses

Smoke Elser and Bob Brown

For those who yearn to pack in the wilderness country of the West, either on their own mules and horses or those of a professional packer, here is a book that takes the mystery out of back country packstring travel.
By teaching you the tricks of the trade, professional outfitter Smoke Elser show how your trip will be easier and more enjoyable by knowing more about the animals used and why and how they carry their loads as they do.
Whether you're an expert of a dude, Smoke's packing system will get you into and out of the back country safely and efficiently. Best of all, you will start to become self-sufficient and resourceful, important aspects of any wilderness travel. The book is laced with instructional photographs and sketches, presented in an open, attractive format.

168 pages, 8.5 x 11, paper
Item 511, ISBN 0-87842-127-0
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