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Backpacker's Ultra Food

Ultra Light, Ultra Delicious, Ultra Nutritious, One-Pot Backpacking Meals


Media: Paperback

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ISBN: 978-1-889921-51-8
Pages: 128   Size: 5 3/8 x 8

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Backpackers and hikers work hard to be deep in the wild, and they deserve spectacular food all day long. Backpacker’s Ultra Food offers strategies and recipes for creating and dehydrating “one-pot wonders” made of the tastiest, lightest, most nourishing and restorative food. Professional backpacker and author Cinny Green offers everything you need to know to make meals you will look forward to every day on the trail. After reading this book, you will - Understand the nutritional needs of the hiker’s body - Choose the most nourishing, and delicious foods - Learn simple preparation and dehydration techniques - Create a lightweight camp kitchen - Have recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks And more.... Hiking and backpacking burn tons of calories and demand sustained physical effort. And nothing is more enjoyable than a scrumptious lunch overlooking a stunning view or a filling, flavorful dinner as quiet settles on your wilderness campsite. Enjoy these meals of your own creation with help from The Backpacker’s Ultra Food.