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The Berkeley Pit

A Historical Novel


Media: Hardback

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ISBN: 978-0-944439-61-6
Pages: 352   Size: 7 x 10

Distributed by Mountain Press for: Clark City Press


Harry's first poem describes his nightmare, the Berkeley Pit, which, starting in 1962, gouged the heart out of his hometown, Butte, Montana. The pit mine's namesake, Berkeley, California, becomes his dream of hope. He arrives there in the late 1960s, as political turmoil and hope reach a peak, from which many dreams tumbled, including Harry's.

Back in Montana, he cherishes his dream of what his life might have been. But, twenty years later, when he manages to get back to Berkeley, he can hardly recognize the city of his old hopes and dreams. His determination to accept and overcome new challenges may not be enough.

Dorothy Bryant draws on her family history in Montana, on her lifetime of living and writing in the Bay Area, and on meticulously researched history. With characteristic irony, compassion and honesty, she weaves these elements into another of her unrelenting accounts of good intentions, high hopes, mixed motives, unpredictable consequences, and lessons learned or denied.