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Welcome to the Mountain Press family of authors. Once Mountain Press accepts your book for publication, we assign a project editor to work with you throughout the rest of the publishing process. The project editor edits the book, manages other editors who may work on the book, and serves as your contact person. The marketing department outlines and implements a plan for sales and distribution. After the book is edited, the production department designs and lays out the book and designs its appearance. You will have a chance to review the changes made by the editor, and you will also see the page proofs just before they go to print.

Please download and print the links below, as they contain essential information. Before you submit your manuscript, please read Manuscript Preparation and Image Preparation. Your manuscript and any images you submit must be in the correct format. Mountain Press reserves the right to refuse any manuscript or images that do not meet our standards or specifications, and to request adjustments, replacements, additions, deletions, or other changes. We ask that you keep copies of everything you send us in case of loss or damage.

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary rights and permissions for images or previously published quotes you use in your book. You can use the Image Permission Form or Reprint Permission Form for this purpose.

We ask that you find reviewers—particularly experts or other well-known people—for two purposes. Critical reviewers are experts in the field who read your unedited manuscript in order to give feedback on the content of the book. When you submit the finished version of your manuscript, we will need the names of one or more critical reviewers who have agreed to review your book. The second type of reviewer reads your edited manuscript and provides endorsements for the cover of your book. We will need quotes from endorsement reviewers at least three months prior to printing.

From the time you sign your contract, you should be preparing to help market and promote your book. Please download and print out the marketing tools below. The Marketing and Sales Guide will be an important reference for you in the promotion of your book, and will tell you what you can expect from Mountain Press and what we, in turn, expect from you. You will find other helpful information about promotion of your book in Author Resources, Ten Things You Can Do to Promote Your Book, Interview Tips, and Speaking Engagement Tips.

Please complete the Author Information Form and mail it to Mountain Press. Your answers to the questions on this form are essential; they give us the information we need to market your book to the best of our ability. We also need from you a biographical sketch of about 50 to 200 words and a black-and-white photo (see Image Preparation for photo specifications).

Our marketing/sales department will communicate with you directly regarding promotional events and other marketing/sales issues.

As a Mountain Press author, you may purchase your book, and any other Mountain Press book, at a 50% discount plus freight costs. Your payment terms are net 30 days unless you make other arrangements. You can, for example, pay for books out of your royalties. You can order by calling 800-234-5308, ext. O. Mountain Press has an operator available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. An answering service takes calls on off hours and on holidays.

Feel free to call your editor or the Mountain Press phone line if you have questions.

Marketing and Sales Guide Download PDF
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Author Resources Download PDF
Ten Things You Can Do to Promote Your Book Download PDF
Interview Tips Download PDF
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Author Information Form Download PDF
Image Permission Form Download PDF
Image Preparation Download PDF
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