Hidden Life of the Desert

Thomas Wiewandt

Following the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest through its five seasons—spring, dry summer, wet summer, autumn, and winter—Hidden Life of the Desert uses stunning color photographs and clear, informative text to introduce young readers to many plants and animals that thrive in this unique ecosystem. At first glance the hot valley floors and rugged mountainsides may seem barren and inhospitable, but look closely and you may find howling mice and toads that pop out of the sand. With patience you’ll see giant centipedes, bobcats, and miniature owls. You could even catch a glimpse of a Gila monster, the only poisonous lizard in the United States.
This greatly expanded edition of Hidden Life of the Desert follows in the footsteps of a Crown Books for Young Readers (1990) edition that made the John Burrough’s List of Outstanding Nature Books for Young Readers.
New in the 2010 edition are expanded text, more pictures, maps, a glossary, plant and animal species lists, an index, and an annotated list of recommended books and Web sites. But perhaps most important is the addition of a thought-provoking chapter titled “Facing the Future,” which considers where water in the West comes from, how we use it, and how energy and water use are connected.
For Young Adults

96 Pages, 9 x 8.375, paperback
Item 350, ISBN 978-0-87842-555-6

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