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Geology Underfoot in Southern Idaho


Series: Geology Underfoot
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June 2017
“This book is easy to use and brimful of good information.” —Paul Link, geologist at Idaho State University

Southern Idaho is a geologic jackpot. Etched in its rugged mountains, incredibly young lava fields, and steep-walled canyons lie compelling evidence of amazing geologic events, including breccia from one of the largest meteorite impacts in the world. Join geology professor and author Shawn Willsey as he uses clear prose, concise illustrations, and dramatic photographs to tell the stories of 23 amazing geologic sites. Learn how Ice Age floods carved the Snake River Canyon, how tree molds and lava tubes formed at Craters of the Moon, why 200 individuals of Idaho’s state fossil—the Hagerman Horse—died and were preserved in one place, and where the land surface ruptured during the 1983 Borah Peak earthquake.