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Forest Communities

Living in Harmony with Fire



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Every living thing growing in the woods agrees
that forests need fire to live in harmony.
There will always be another seed to grow underneath.
It’s the never-ending cycle of forest communities.

Many forest communities in the West need fire to maintain a healthy ecosytem. Forest Communities profiles three forest types—ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and white-barked pine—that benefit from the occasional wild fire. The Whizpops, an educational band based in Montana, created the song “Forest Communities” as part of the score for a dance production called Fire Speaks the Land. Forest Communities introduces young fans to the science behind the song. As the lyrics draw you through the book, natural history notes explain such topics as how trees survive fire, how soil exposed by fire provides an ideal place for seedlings to grow, and how fire releases seeds from resin-sealed pine cones. Combining songs with picture books is an engaging way to introduce young children to topics that affect their lives and the world around them.