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Bold Women in Alaska History


Series: Bold Women
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From Natalia Shelikhova, unofficially the first woman governor of Russian Alaska, to the pioneer Iditarod racer Mary Shields, the eleven women portrayed in this engaging book were indeed bold—breaking down barriers of sexism, racism, and political opposition to emerge as heroines of their time. The fourth in Mountain Press’s state-by-state series for teen readers, Bold Women in Alaska History reveals the feminine side of our northernmost state’s storied past. Among the fear-less femmes we meet are Mary Antisarlook, the Reindeer Queen of Sinrock; Elizabeth Peratrovich, an early crusader for Native Alaskan civil rights; and Thelma Buchholdt, the first female Filipino American to serve in the Alaska legislature.

Perfect for school or home, this collection of short but informative biographies is both a valuable resource and an entertaining read.