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Fidget's Freedom



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Fidget is a young peregrine falcon eager to try out her newly feathered wings. She and her brother Echo had been hatched in an incubator in a laboratory and are now living in a "hack" box nestled on a cliff. This will be their home until they can hunt and fend for themselves. Their caretakers, both falconers and scientists had become concerned about the plight of the peregrine due to the use of DDT in North America. DDT caused egg shell thinning and without intervention, extinction in some of tehi native territories was a possibility. When the box is opened to release the birds, Fidget, the bolder of the two, throws caution to the wind as she takes to her wings--and soon finds more than she bargained for on her first flight. Fidget's Freedom is published in cooperation with the Raptor Education Foundation, whose mission is to advance environmental literacy through educational programs, books, and research services. Their website is