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Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona


Series: Geology Underfoot
Media: Paperback

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ISBN: 0-87842-528-4
Pages: 336   Size: 6 x 9

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From the plunging depths of the Grand Canyon to jagged volcanic peaks, from Sedona’s vibrant red rocks to the tapered slot of Antelope Canyon, Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona introduces you to a land of contrasts. At twenty special sites in this timeless landscape, readers can see and sometimes touch evidence of an ancient supercontinent and colliding volcanic island arcs, mighty mountain ranges and tropical seas, thousand-foot sand dunes, a meteor with deep impact, swimming dilophosaurs, a spring that grows rock, and more.

The Geology Underfoot series encourages you to get out of your car for an up-close look at rocks and landforms. Books in the series inform, no matter how much geology you know. They’re also simply a good read, on-site or in the comfort of your home.