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Snowy Owls

Whoo Are They?




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Fly on up to the Arctic Circle and learn about this remarkable bird of prey.

Whoo . . . has catlike yellow eyes and white feathered feet, lives alongside polar bears and caribou way up north, loves to eat lemmings for lunch, and is Harry Potterís faithful friend? The Snowy Owl, thatís whoo! This striking bird is the heaviest of the North American owls. Unlike most owls, it hunts mainly during the day, so if youíre in the right place you might actually get to see one catch its prey.

Snowy Owls: Whoo Are They? has everything for readers young and old on the life cycle of the Snowy Owl, from hunting to courtship, nesting, raising chicks, and yearly migration. The informative text is accompanied by charmingly detailed watercolor illustrations. Suggested games and activities provide ways to learn more about how a Snowy Owl hunts, raises chicks, and hides from predators. A list of Web resources letís you go online to see more photographs, listen to a Snowy Owl call, or see how scientists track Snowy Owls and other migratory animals by satellite.