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Stowe is not a typical Vermont town. Ask skiers or snowboarders about Stowe, and the responses will be anything but typical. They'll rave about mighty Mt. Mansfield, at 4,395 feet, the highest, most imposing and whitest mountain in Vermont. They'll tell you about the winter of 2000-01, when it snowed 388 inches and folks were skiing parts of the mountain that had never been skied before. They'll tell you about the famous cluster of trails known as the Front Four--Goat, National, Liftline, and Starr--long known as the preemininent challenge in Eastern skiing. And they'll tell you about the legendary backcountry.

From the founding of the town to the building of the latest quad chair, this is the entire rich history of Stove. With spectacular photos and memorable words, famed ski writer Peter Oliver takes you through it all--the mountain, the town, and especially the people who made Stowe what it is today. People like New York investment banker and early ski enthusiast Roland Palmedo; engineer Charlie Lord, who laid out some of the first trails; famed ski school director and resort president Sepp Ruschp; financier C.V. Starr whose vision guided the resort in the '50s and '60s; and Billy Kidd, the first American man to win a silver medal in alpine skiing at the Olympics.