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Diving Birds of the North



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This is a factual, fun-filled introduction to loons, ancient birds that have inhabited our planet's northern waters since about the time the dinosaurs died out. Famous for their eerie calls and magnificent fishing abilities, loons have long held a special place in many human cultures, as seen in the section on "Loon Lore." This lively and informative book covers loon history, physiology, behavior, and coexistence with humans, with plenty of information for young researchers and older enthusiasts alike.

Gorgeous paintings bring the text alive, showing loons diving, swimming, preening, raising chicks, and acting, well, just plain "loony." Illustrator Turley's sense of whimsy will appeal to readers of all ages, while parents and educators will appreciate her scholarly accuracy. Donna Love's suggested activites for home or classroom provide opportunities for further exploration of loons as kids learn how to walk, paddle, and float like a loon. An appendix offers more information on all five species of loons found worldwide. "Loon Resources" provides a list of books and Web addresses for continued study, with links to photographs, recordings of loon calls, and information on orgainizations devoted to loon research and conservation.

For ages 8 and up