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Stan Lynde
Stan Lynde is the award-winning creator of two popular syndicated western comic strips, Rick O'Shay and Latigo, as well as of the self-syndicated Grass Roots. In addition to his work in western comic strips, he has written three western adventure novels: The Bodacious Kid, Careless Creek, and Vigilante Moon. In all his work, Lynde combines delightful artwork with humor in portraying his vision of the west.

A third-generation Montanan, Lynde was born in Billings and raised on his father's ranch in southeastern Montana near Lodge Grass on the Crow Indian Reservation. He attended school at Lodge Grass, joking that he graduated "in the top ten of his class." (There were only nine in that class!) He spent his summers working on the ranch and traveling with his family wherever his father's business--sheep-raising--took them. "During those years," he says, "we lived in nearly every kind of dwelling you can imagine -- sheepwagon, soddy, dugout, line shack, log cabin, tent, and ranch house."

Lynde's inspiration for Rick O'Shay came primarily from his background as a ranch-raised, small-town Montana kid, and from his study of the "western," good and bad. Hipshot was based on Lynde's dad and a real-life gunfighter, Bill Mills, whom Lynde knew as a kid. His latest creation is a contemporary western cartoon, Grass Roots, featuring ranch hands Billy and Shag, who express through humor, wit, and earthy wisdom the values and opinions held by "grass roots" Americans.

Lynde's cartoons reflect and affirm the values of "grass roots" America as few others ever have, and his work has achieved both popularity with his readers and critical acclaim. He is the recipient of the Inkpot Award for achievement in the comic arts and the Montana Governor's Award for the Arts. He has been thrilling his readers with his cartoons and novels since 1957.