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Sherm Ewing
Sherm Ewing and his wife, Claire, have long roots in the prairies, rangelands and forests of the "Old North West," where some of their forebears hunted, trapped, traded and farmed in colonial days and before. Ewing was born in 1926 to a pioneer Minnesota family. An early ambition was to "go west" and build his own business, and he attended a ranch-based school, which headed him towards a career in ranching and livestock.

Following U.S.Air Force service in WWII and a Yale degree in economics, Sherm married and took a ranch foreman's job in northern Montana. In 1955 the Ewings loaded up kids, dogs, saddle horses, and "settlers' effects" and moved to the SN ranch in the Porcupine Hills of Alberta, where for the next 30 years, they raised a family and built a herd.

Over the years the Ewings became acquainted with a world-class assortment of ranchers, rangemen, scientists, veterinarians, and teachers, many with fascinating stories to tell and the ability to tell them well. In the 1980s the Ewings traveled, visiting 150 rangeland friends old and new and taping stories, then editing the collection into a three-volume oral-history of the times: The Range, The Ranch, and The Roast (unpublished), illustrated by their daughter Wanina. Ewing and his wife retired to Montana.

   The Ranch